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VRA-30 - Press machine, effort 30t, production Yugoslavia

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VRA-30 - Press machine, effort 30t, production Yugoslavia
VRA-30 - Press machine, effort 30t, production Yugoslavia В наличии
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  • +380 показать номер +380 (98) 565-95-95 (киевстар)
  • +380 (93) 865-95-95 (лайф)
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  • +380 показать номер +380 (98) 565-95-95 (киевстар)
  • +380 (93) 865-95-95 (лайф)
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    • Телефон:
      +380 (98) 565-95-95, (киевстар)
      +380 (93) 865-95-95, (лайф)
    • Контактное лицо:
      Сергей Горбачук
    • Адрес:
      ул. Фрунзе 14, Винница, Винницкая область, Украина
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The enterprise realizes - Press machine VRA-30, effort 30t, 1987 year.
The machine is in good condition, complete. Additional information, photo on request.
• Machine location - Ternopil.
• The purpose of sales is to reduce production.
• Cash or non-cash payment, it is possible to combine payment.
• We present all the documents.
• Possible delivery across all territory of Ukraine, and also in the CIS countries and the near abroad.

We do dismantling and loading the machine - for free!
We organize cargo transportation, payment in one direction.
Variants of transportation:
 - A load, next to your equipment will go someone else's cargo, the option is cheaper.
- whole cargo, only your cargo rides - more expensive.

Our unique offers:
1. You may not be present at the inspection of equipment !!! Inspection of equipment in online mode, without leaving the office, via Skype or Viber.
2. You may not be present during dismantling and loading - we do photo / video loading:
Dismantling and loading is done according to your requirements.
The first photos when dismantling;
The second photo of the machine and accessories, when the machine is already loaded.
And also, photos of driver's documents and car numbers!
All the photos you get immediately to e-mail, Skype or Viber.
We look forward to a long cooperation !!!

If you have any additional questions, we will be happy to answer them.

Main technical characteristics:

Nominal force, kN ... 30.0

Number of strokes, rpm ... 250-1200

Air pressure, MPa ... 0,5

Table dimensions, mm ... 600х600

The hole in the table, mm ... 450x100

Size of the slide ... 500х250

Distance between posts, mm ... 380х300

Distance between the table and the slider in its lower position, mm ... 260

The adjustment value between the table and the slider, mm ... 70

Slide stroke - adjustable, mm ... 10-40

Feed belt, mm ... 3-80

Band width, mm ... 5-80

Max. thickness of tape, mm ... 2

Max. cross section of the tape, mm ... 80

Weight, kg ... 3800

Dimensions (LxWxH), mm ... 1400x1200x2400

Производитель   ...
Страна производитель Югославия
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