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Equipment for the production of rubber goods.

 Equipment for the production of rubber goods., фото 2  Equipment for the production of rubber goods., фото 3  Equipment for the production of rubber goods., фото 4

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Equipment for the production of rubber goods.
Equipment for the production of rubber goods. В наличии
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Rubber processing equipment


Price list equipment for the production of rubber goods:


1) Laboratory rolls PD-630 315/315

2) Heating rollers PD-800 550/550

3) Rollers refining РF-800 490/610

4) Rollers grinding РЗ-800 550/550

5) Rollers crushing DR-800-490 / 610

6) Mixing rollers СМ-1500 660/660

7) Mixing-heating rollers CM-PD 1500 660/660

8) Heating rollers СМ-2100 660/660

9) Mixing-heating rollers VPSmTS PD-2400 850/850

10) Rubber processing calender 3 rolls 3-710-1800mm

11) Rubber processing calender 3-roll 3-1100mm

12) Press force 2.5NN

13) Rubber mixer RS-90 kg

14) Extruder for rubber 250 kg


The equipment can be supplied, new, with storage and rebuilt. Delivery of other equipment is also possible upon the buyer's request. The cost is negotiable.


Rubber processing equipment

Rubber products (RTI) include a wide range of various products, created from synthetic and natural materials. RTIs are made from latex and rubber, as well as from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyamide. The nomenclature of these goods consists of thousands of names, and the fields of application have fundamentally different purposes.
Rubber crumbs are made of worn out tires, waste tires, regenerative and rubber-technical production, waste of synthetic rubbers.
RTI are widely used in many spheres of the national economy and in everyday life
RTI is determined by the use of high-tech equipment
Manufacture of rubber products is widely used today, which is explained by the huge demand for RTI. Rubber products are presented today with a rich assortment. The most striking example of this is RTI medical products. This includes gloves, prostheses, silicone tubes for droppers and many others. other
    Mechanical engineering, in particular, the automotive industry, the production of agricultural machinery, is another area where rubber products are used, as well as brake pads. Sleeves, gaskets, rings, sleeves - all these and other RTI products are used in the manufacture and repair of machinery.

The crude rubber compound is used for the manufacture of a variety of rubber products. The production of rubber compounds is carried out taking into account the world experience in the field of recipe selection.
 A crude rubber compound is a composition of rubber prepared in a special way and other components including stabilizers, fillers, vulcanization agents, plasticizers, and so on. The choice of additives depends entirely on which products will be made from the mixture, but the main characteristics depend on the rubber grade, which is the basis of the mixture.
rubber compounds, which are used for making various
rubber and rubber parts:

Application sectors:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Metallurgical industry
  3. Mining industry
  4. Mechanical engineering and automotive industry
  5. Oil and gas industry
  6. Railway transport
  7. Printing industry
  8. Pulp and paper industry
  9. Berths and ports
  10. Food industry
  11. Tube-rolling production
  12. Light industry


A conveyor belt is a necessary part of efficient production. Conveyor or conveyor belt is the main traction and load-bearing element of the mechanism, without it it is simply impossible to organize the conveyor operation.
Rubber products (RTI) are industrial products manufactured using various types of mixtures from recycled natural or artificial rubber, called rubber. At present, the RTI plants produce tens of thousands of types of molded and unshaped products, which are actively used in a wide range of technical and everyday life. For the automotive industry, energy, aircraft building, chemical industry, etc. the use of many types of RTI is an essential necessity. Such products as rubber hoses, sealants of assembly units, rubber-containing insulation materials are absolutely indispensable for the vast majority of industrial and communal industries.

Conveyor belt for general use
Conveyor Belt Lighter
Conveyor belts heat-resistant
Conveyor belt for light operating conditions
Conveyor belt, frost-resistant up to -60с
Conveyer Food Tape
Conveyor belt on the basis of fabric TK-80
Conveyor belt based on BKNL fabric

Sleeves pressure head
Sleeves for welding and cutting metal
Suction hoses
Sleeves pressure head with frame
Pressure hoses, steam
High-pressure hoses
Sleeves with thread reinforcement for construction and finishing machines
Conveyor belts
Rubber cords
Rubber and rubber cloth plates
Driving wedge belts
Carpets, dielectric
Plate spongy
Automobile track
Raw rubber compounds
Hose clamps for steel
Insulating tape CB, PVC

Hoses made of polyvinylchloride
Suction and discharge hoses
Oil-resistant resistant sleeves
Universal sleeves
High-pressure hoses
Watering hoses
Sleeves for smoke extraction
Sleeves for swimming pools

Gland packing
Asbestos cord SHAON
Cardboard asbestos
Asbestos fabrics
General paronite PON-B
Oil and petrol resistant paronite

Laundry Soap 72%
Liquid laundry soap
Toilet soap
Technical detergents and emulsifiers

Fire extinguishers
Fire hoses
Fire inventory
Fire cabinets, boards, posts, stands, boxes for sand
Fire hydrants, underground
Evacuation lights

Organic glass, PVC sheets, sheet polystyrene
Textolite, vinyl plastic, polypropylene, polyethylene
Glass-textolite, caprolon
Fluoroplastic products, FUM tape, lacquer cloth
Epoxy resin, fiberglass, hardener PEPA
Polyethylene film
Dispersion of PVA
PVC tube, TV-40

Enamels PF-115, PF-133 and others.
Soils GF-021, AK-07 and others.
Rust converter, mastic insulating
Enamels, varnishes, electrical insulating
Chlorovinyl enamels (HB, HS)
Enamels zinc-filled
Enamels for road marking
Powder aluminum PAP-1, PAP-2

Calcined and caustic soda
Calcium carbide and others
Chlorine lime, household soap, trisodium phosphate

- calenders for processing of rubber, polymeric and many composite materials 4 - 710 - 1800, 4 - 500 - 1250, 3 - 310 - 500, 5 - 200 - 600

- Mixers for mixing multicomponent materials in the manufacture of rubber, plastics, artificial leather, etc. РС - 270, 250, 90, 71л. SN / SP-45. Mixing chambers, rotors, lubricating stations, gearboxes and other spare parts.

- rolls SM2100 - 660/660, 1500 - 660/660, 1500 - 550/550, 800 - 550/550; PD2100 - 660/660, 1500 - 660/660, 800 - 550/550, 630 - 315/315, RF800 - 490/610; РЗ800 - 550/550; ДР800 - 490/610; Laboratories - ЛБ320 - 160/160; Units of 2 and 3 rolls.

- single-screw machines for warm food: - MCHT - 400, 250, 125, 90, 63, 32, strainer. Spare parts for them: sleeves, bushings, augers, worms, gears, reducer.

- single-screw machines for cold food: MCH - 160, 125, 90, 63, 32 and spare parts for them.

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